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NOVAR Technologies is a division of Opulens Corp that is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies for the optical industry and vision science as a whole.

Our company offers comprehensive services and innovative solutions to independent freeform laboratories and eye care professionals (ECPs) on a global scale. We are proud to operate in over 52 countries, serving clients worldwide.





Welcome to our esteemed freeform lens design company, where precision and innovation converge to shape the future of visual excellence.

At our company, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of conventional optics, utilizing advanced technologies and cutting-edge methodologies to craft lenses that redefine clarity and comfort.

Technologies to meet your needs

Freeform Lenses



CDT (Continuum Design Technology) is an innovative design technology based on a modern mathematical model that enhances the manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses. With this groundbreaking technology, Novar lenses take center stage in a new technological process within the international market. While other lens technologies only define optical conditions at specific points on the lens surface and then interpolate (b-spline), CONTINUUM DESIGN TECHNOLOGY ™ provides full control of the optics across the entire lens surface, allowing for the use of larger sagitta matrices. This results in lenses with higher optical resolutions, optimizing visual fields to their maximum potential.



Blending technology ™ is an innovative approach used to optimize the thickness of lenses. It involves seamlessly blending different lens materials or designs to achieve a more efficient distribution of thickness across the lens surface. By carefully combining materials or designs with varying refractive indexes, the technology aims to reduce the overall thickness of the lens while maintaining optimal visual performance.



Introducing our cutting-edge personalized lens technology. With WEAR FIT ™, you can produce lenses that are uniquely tailored to each individual's specific visual needs. Experience the difference of personalized lenses that provide optimal vision correction and unmatched comfort.



Our calculation technology revolutionizes and streamlines the optimization and thickness reduction process for frames of all types, shapes, and materials. Experience the benefits of this advanced technology as we create lenses that are perfectly adapted to your frame, resulting in improved aesthetics, comfort, and visual performance.

Step into the future of laboratory operations with our groundbreaking data-driven platform, GOLAB™. Seamlessly digitizing your laboratory, GOLAB™ revolutionizes the customer journey from the very first interaction to the moment of product delivery. With GOLAB™, transparency and visibility are at the core of every process, empowering you to witness the magic unfold in real-time. Embrace the limitless potential of streamlined operations and unlock unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction as your laboratory undergoes a remarkable digital transformation.

Tech Stack

and benefits for your lab


Our LDS solution utilizes advanced mathematical algorithms and modeling techniques to generate precise and customized lens designs.


Discover the ease and effectiveness of our integrated measuring tool, enabling optical experts to provide accurate and customized lens solutions effortlessly.


Experience a digital revolution in your laboratory with our data-driven platform.

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Novar LMS calculates digital backside surfaces, compatible with Schneider, Satisloh, Coburn, and Optotech machines. It includes a pre-loaded lens database and supports easy addition of new lens products.


Novar's advantage lies in its dynamic pricing strategy, which allows them to adjust and optimize prices to remain competitive and profitable in the market.


Novar's R&D department is ready to provide technical information on their technologies and answer your questions. They also have an interdisciplinary team to help create unique lens designs.

Our stack tech is designed to help labs streamline their lens production process and improve efficiency. With our technology, labs can easily manage their entire lens production workflow from start to finish.

One of the key benefits of our stack tech is its ability to automate many of the tasks involved in lens production. This includes everything from lens design (LDS) and measurement (DIGITAL CENTER) to manufacturing and quality control (GOLAB). By automating these tasks, labs can greatly reduce the amount of time and resources required to produce high-quality lenses.

Another important feature of our stack tech is its flexibility. Our technology is designed to work with a wide range of different lens types and materials, so labs can easily customize their production process to meet their specific needs. This flexibility also allows labs to easily adapt to changing market demands and emerging technologies. Overall, our stack tech is an essential tool for labs looking to grow and improve their lens production capabilities. With its powerful automation, flexibility, and data analytics features, labs can streamline their workflow, increase efficiency, and deliver high-quality lenses to their customers more quickly and reliably than ever before.

Why Novar?


Advanced in-house technology developed by Novar's research team.


A complete portfolio will help you provide unique options in your market.


You will be able to produce designs in different ranges to meet every customer needs.

SCIENTISTS in active contact

Our scientists and researchers are part of your laboratory for inquiries and potential exclusive developments.


Our passion is to develop new technologies to provide you with the latest advancements available in the industry.


You have all the necessary materials to promote your products and enhance your laboratory's brand image.


You have access to high-quality designs and technologies for better market positioning, resulting in increased profitability and a quick return on investment (ROI).


Stay at the forefront with all the technological solutions and integrated tools. Digital Center: Optimize design performance with professional attention and precise data for each user.


Enhance design performance by leveraging expert guidance and accurate user-specific data.

Marketing for your lab

Marketing for your lab

Novar provides all the graphic design and visual
communications necessary to enhance your company's brand.



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